"Wake up man, you just slept through Armageddon," she said,
roughly shaking the deadweight Saladin by the shoulders.
He came awake with the bleary eyed reluctance of a teenage
boy being torn from a wet dream into a hangover.


The coroner surveyed the charred collection of bones and
pronounced it, with astounding professional accuracy, dead.
What the coroner failed to ascertain with accuracy was the
true cause of death. On the file it all looked very convincing
"Death by incineration", but in fact the onus for Rutherford's
death lay with a man whose cranium he had recently sawn into.


Athena is an info-merc. She gets paid to sift. Intelligent software
crafted in her fibre-optic nest, her sift engines and AI spiders
have gained her a healthy profit. A client has just made the
mistake of paying her too well for a score. Curiosity overtakes
caution and drops her hard into an adventure that stretches
from the madness within, to the drug-induced climax of the
human species.


'From thought-provoking to cynical to downright funny…
all-in-all God Shock is a good mind-bending trip.'

- Locus Magazine